Backyard Bird LoverWelcome To The Rewarding World Of Backyard Birds!

If you’re a backyard bird lover, you’ve come to the right place!  Did you know birdwatching and birdfeeding in the yard is the #2 outdoor hobby in the U.S. behind only gardening?

Why?  Because it’s relaxing, easy, lowers your stress, and most importantly is a lot of fun!

We’re going to be YOUR source for great products and online  information on:

  • Bird feeding – what works, what doesn’t, and how to attract the most variety of birds
  • Birdseed – what kinds attract which birds
  • Birdbaths and water to attract birds
  • Nesting boxes for birds
  • Gardening for wild birds
  • Binoculars for backyard birdwatching
  • Squirrels – whether you want to feed them or thwart them
  • Backyard wildlife like butterflies and bats

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See you in the backyard!

Kurt Hagemeister

P.S.  Please check back regularly since this website is still being built PLUS, we have regular great birdfeeding blog posts.

Northern Cardinal male and female

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