Gilbertson Bluebird House

Finally, the Bluebird House Bluebirds Prefer (And Sparrows Don’t)

OK, you’ve seen beautiful bluebirds in your yard and would love to have them nest.   But, with so manyGilbertson PVC Bluebird House bluebird house designs to choose from, how do you pick the one the bluebirds will like?

And how do you pick a bluebird house that will not fall apart in a year like the last one you bought?

Finally, once you get the house, how do you know what to do to maximize the chances bluebirds (or other native birds) will move in and NOT annoying house sparrows?

Now you can buy the nesting box the bluebird experts have been using for years.  It’s been hard to find anywhere in stores or online – until now.

Introducing the famous Gilbertson PVC Bluebird & Small Bird House.

Now you can bring the beauty and song of colorful bluebirds (and other fun birds like chickadees and wrens) to your yard with the most proven bird house design money can buy.  Designed by bluebird guru Steve Gilbertson of Minnesota, the Gilbertson PVC Bluebird & Small Bird House has been field tested for over 30 years and proven to work all over the continent.  In fact, there have been over 40,000 of these quality nesting boxes sold to date.

Why risk buying an expensive bluebird house without knowing whether it really can attract bluebirds when you can get the most proven nest box availableTODAY?  And the Gilbertson PVC Bluebird & Small Bird House is also one of the best made on the market.  It’s hand-crafted by Amish woodworkers here in the United States who share your love of bluebirds and backyard birds.

But the Gilbertson PVC house is for more than just bluebirds.  Depending on where you place the house and your yard habitat, you might get playful chickadees, charming Titmice, swooping swallows, or sweet-singing wrens to raise their families in it.

Here’s How It Works

The Gilbertson nesting box uses an innovative design that has a smaller nesting cavity than many conventional bluebird houses.  Although it’s plenty large enough for most bluebirds and small species of birds, house sparrows don’t like the smaller space.  Given a choice between the Gilbertson bird house and almost any other design, the sparrows will pick the other box.  This leaves the Gilbertson box for the bluebirds and the birds you really want.

The Gilbertson PVC house comes in two parts – the PVC body and the roof.  The body essentially “hangs” from the roof on two wide-head steel screws.  So, the pole supports the bird house by fitting into a pre-drilled recessed hole in the back of the roof assembly.  (It’s recommended to use simple 1/2″ electrical conduit for the pole).  Nest box checks can be done easily by squeezing the body of the house to slightly elongate it, then removing it from the roof to look inside.   To put the house body back, simply reverse the process.

NOTE:  it is also possible to mount the box by fixing it to the top of the pole via some sort of flange attached to the underside of the floor on the body.

People love the box because it’s simple, lightweight, easy to mount, and lasts a long time outdoors.  Birds love it because it seems to imitate a tree cavity and the white color makes it cooler on hot days.  Here’s a short video that will give you a little more information….

Why Buy From Us?

At Wolverine Nature Co. we have over 20 years of experience selling quality birdfeeding and bird attracting products to people just like you.   Our philosophy has always been to only sell the highest quality products that the birds prefer and is safe for them as well.   Over the years, we’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to nesting boxes.  So, rest assured that the Gilbertson PVC Bluebird & Small Bird House has passed all our tests.

But when you buy from us, you get a lot more than just a product in a box.  We provide complete instructions, tips, and support to help ensure you have the highest chance possible birds will thrive in your new bird house.  And our website offers more help like FAQ’s, information on attracting nesting birds, and an instructional video.

The Ultimate Bluebird and Small Bird House solution – What you’ll get….

  • Peace of mind that you’ve bought a nesting box that’s proven to work 
  • Great value for your hard-earned $$ by getting a house that will last for years. 
  •  A wonderful chance for you and your family to learn about nesting birds first-hand 
  •  Satisfaction that you’re making a positive difference for local birds in the environment. 
  • Saves you time vs. building your own bird house. 
  •  Pride knowing you’re buying a product made in the U.S. by American craftsmen.

So, let’s get down to the details of what makes the Gilbertson PVC Bluebird & Small Bird House your best choice for getting bluebirds and other backyard birds to raise their families in your yard:

1.  You’re getting the refined design from expert Steve Gilbertson’s 30 years of tinkering to get the house dimensions, material, and attractiveness to bluebirds just right.

2. Long-lasting roof and floor made of western red cedar with stainless steel  screws that won’t rust.

3. House body made of strong PVC plastic that is virtually impervious to damage from birds or animals.

4. Attractive “birch tree” look make it an attractive addition to your yard.  Plus, the white color helps to reflect more sunlight to keep the house cooler in summer.

5. The 1 9/16” diameter entrance hole will allow all 3 species of bluebirds to enter:  Eastern, Western, and Mountain.

6. The PVC house body and relatively shallow design make it less attractive to the invasive, non-native house sparrows.

7. The Gilbertson PVC house is easy and inexpensive to pole mount  for less than $5 using Home Center materials – complete instructions are included.   (Or use your existing pole)

8. Ventilation and drainage spaces are built into the design.

9. The revolutionary removable PVC body makes it easy to clean out and do nest checks.

10. Lightweight size makes it easy to pole mount

11. Versatile design that can attract many other desirable backyard birds like chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, swallows, and wrens.

Here’s what others say about the Gilbertson PVC Bluebird & Small Bird House……

The Gilbertson PVC design has been endorsed by the North American Bluebird Society – considered the experts on nesting box design.

Here’s just some of the many success stories from people who bought the Gilbertson PVC Bluebird & Small Bird House…..

“Thank you for your recent letter.  You’ll be happy to know your bluebird nest boxes have provided us with several  bluebird families each year!   I can’t begin to tell you how much joy they’ve brought into my life.”

Dawn Glenmont, NY

“I had 2 successful bluebird nestings last year using your box and I have already had one successful nesting this year in 2009, and the birds are already starting a 2nd nesting.  I have had no sparrow problems since I started using your boxes.  Thanks for a good design!”

Jim Bolivar, OH

“I have used Gilbertson PVC nest boxes for several years.  They are the easiest on the market to use and are very acceptable to bluebirds.  I would never use any other nest box on my trails.  I very highly recommend them.”

Larry Ft. Wayne, IN

“We had not been successful in attracting bluebirds to our wooden “bluebird boxes”, and in the few cases when we did see a bluebird, house sparrows either appropriated the wooden nest boxes or otherwise seemed to drive the bluebirds away.  The Gilbertson PVC nest box was recommended to us by a local bird enthusiast who had heard that house sparrows did not seem to like or nest in these very well-constructed and attractive round boxes.  They have exceeded our every expectation, and in the 8 boxes we have set up this year, every one hosted at least one family of either Tree Swallows, which we very much enjoy, or bluebirds.  We are convinced that if you want bluebirds to successfully nest and raise their young in your yard, then you should invest in and use a Gilbertson nest box.  They are easy to install, maintain, and clean, and we think they are far superior to any wood or any other so-called bluebird box on the market.”

Bill and Arlene Shenandoah Valley, VA


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Order your Gilbertson PVC Bluebird & Small Bird House today, examine it completely, and if you’re not completely satisfied that it’s the best value in nesting boxes you’ve ever seen, return it for a 100% refund.

**NOTE **     Don’t wait to order your Gilbertson PVC bird home.  Because all of these quality nesting boxes are hand-crafted, there’s only so many available each month.    The sooner you get your Gilbertson PVC Bluebird & Small Bird House(s), the sooner your birds can begin nesting.    After all, the nesting season only lasts so long!

To Get Started Helping Birds Raise Their Families In Your Yard…..

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