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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q:  I ordered one of your products on and they sent the wrong item.  What should I do?

A:   Amazon currently fulfills orders for some of our products.  We do this to make them more convenient to find and buy for more customers.  However, Amazon occasionally makes mistakes in fulfilling orders, so you’ll need to contact their customer service department.  They will have the wrong item picked up and send the correct one.  To do this, go to the home page, log in to your account, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for “Your Orders”.  Click on this and follow the directions.  You can also call their toll-free number 888-280-4331.  Make sure to have your Amazon order number available.

Q:  I want to order one of your Gilbertson PVC boxes, but Amazon is showing it as Not Available.   Can I still get one, and if so, when?

A:  We try to keep the nest boxes in stock all the time, but sometimes demand (such as in late winter or early spring) exceeds our expectations.  This results in us running out of inventory at Amazon before we can get more there.  Typically, these outages don’t last more than a week.  So, if you find the Not Available indication on our listing page, just keep checking back in the next several days.  Otherwise, for a more exact estimate, send us an email at and we’ll provide more specific information.

Q:  I just received the Gilbertson bird house and noticed it is very small compared to other bluebird houses I’ve owned.  Is it really big enough for bluebirds to raise their young?

A:   Absolutely!  Part of the advantage of the Gilbertson PVC house design is the small cavity size inside the body of the box is less attractive to house sparrows than larger housing.  Bluebirds are used to nesting naturally in small tree cavities, as that is often all that’s available.  So, the small interior of the box is not unlike (for example) the cavity in an old apple tree.  Also, the box has extensive field use for over 3 decades where it has repeatedly had successful nestings of 6 or even 7 young.

Q:  I placed an order on Amazon but haven’t received it yet.  It seems like I should have received it by now.  What can I do to find out where it is?

A:  When Amazon sends out orders, they will typically send you an email that includes tracking information for your package.  First look for this email in your inbox or possibly spam folder and get the tracking ID for the package.  Then go to the appropriate website to get (usually either the USPS or FedEx) the status of the package.  If you didn’t get an email, go the website, log in, and scroll down to the bottom right of the home page.  Click on “Your Orders”.  Look for your order and see what Amazon has for its status.  It may have a reason if it hasn’t shipped.  But, if it’s showing as shipped or delivered, you will need to ask Amazon to put some trace on it.  If you still can’t find out what’s going, send us an email at and we will attempt to track it from our end.

Q:  I’ve found a broken roof in the box when I opened up the package from Amazon.  What should I do?

A:  This is rare, but can sometimes occur.  There are two options.  First, you can simply contact Amazon following the directions above and exchange the product for a completely new one.  Or second, you can send us an email at to request a replacement roof be sent to you.  Of course, either way is at zero cost to you.

Q:  I received one of the boxes, put it up, and I am getting House Sparrows instead of bluebirds.  I thought this box was supposed to be sparrow-proof?

A:   The box is described as “Sparrow-resistant”,  which means it is less attractive to house sparrows than almost all other bird house designs.  However, this does not mean sparrow-proof, since field experience shows NO NEST BOX has been found to be 100% effective against them.  In habitats where House Sparrows are very numerous and/or they have no other nesting alternatives, they will still sometimes go into Gilbertson nest boxes.    Also, individual sparrows can be like individual people – some are more persistent or crafty than others.  That being said,  you have several courses of action to get rid of them:

  •  Move the box away from any sheds, out-buildings, dense cover, or birdfeeding areas.  Sparrows prefer these areas over wide open grassy ones.
  •  Take down the house bottom for a few days to see if the sparrow will move on.
  •  Consider live-trapping the sparrows and removing them from your habitat.  House Sparrows are a non-native, invasive species that is not protected by Federal or State laws.  Almost all states allow unlimited trapping or shooting of them.  Removing them from your area also makes it safer for native birds like bluebirds since House Sparrows will destroy eggs, young, and even adults if left uncontrolled.
  •  Put up a 2nd nest box of a more traditional wood design.  Given a choice between this box and the Gilbertson house, the sparrows will almost always choose the traditional design.  Why?  Because it is almost always larger in size and the sparrow like larger cavities to fill with their messy, voluminous nests.  Keep in mind if you do this, it is still strongly advisable to extricate the sparrows from the box once they move in, as their very presence will still be a risk to the bluebirds.

For more FAQ’s specific to using the Gilbertson PVC Nesting box, go to:  More Gilbertson FAQ’s


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