Hummingbirds still hanging around

Here in southern Michigan, it’s great to still be seeing hummingbirds coming to our feeders and flowers.  We only have one hummingbird specie in our area – the Ruby-Throated.  And normally, they depart any time now.

Obviously, as flower nectar sources start to dry up in late summer, hummingbirds must migrate south.  And they have a very long way to go!  Most hummingbirds in North America winter in central America.  But if you live in southern Arizona or southern California, you may still see some species like Anna’s and Costa’s even during fall and winter. 

I remember living in San Diego years ago, one of the real treats of winter birdfeeding was still seeing Anna’s hummingbirds.  Of course, we had a great climate where flowers could grow year-round.  (Why the heck did I move to the Midwest again?!)   But generally, birds only migrate because of a lack of available food in their breeding areas as weather cools. 

So, my advice is to keep those hummingbird feeders filled up for now!


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